In the focal point between old and new, east and west, shabby and chic, Irma la Douce invites you to indulge in honest, French-inspired cuisine.

Irma la Douce ist das neue Projekt von Jonathan
Kartenberg, der auch hinter dem vom
Gault&Millau ausgezeichneten eins44 steht.

He chose the location deliberately, because Potsdamer Strasse, a Berlin institution with history, is not only where East meets West - it is where whole worlds collide: art galleries and designer boutiques exist next to huge Turkish supermarkets, upscale restaurants welcome guests not far from the street scene on Kurfürstenstrasse.

This is also part of Berlin's reality ... After all, Potsdamer Strasse has been an old Berlin institution of amusement and nightlife with its many facets for decades.

A colourful, diverse and heterogeneous mix of business, underworld, creative and newly reviving gastronomic scene, which is becoming increasingly rare in other areas of the city, creates a certain tension.

Against this backdrop, Irma la Douce presents itself like a sparkling jewel: here you can feel life bubbling in all its facets. And when it also tingles in the glass, everything is going just alright ...

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