Excellent products, intense flavours, powerful sauces and a classic cooking style - unpretentiously reinterpreted.

Ausgezeichnete Produkte, aromenreiche Kreationen, ganz im Fokus steht der Geschmack.
*Kann Spuren von Eigensinn und Interpretation enthalten.

Since opening in December 2019, chef Michael Schulz has focused on uncompromising product quality and, above all, rich sauces. For this, the Michelin Guide 2021 awarded us one star.
There is no set menu - you order à la carte according to your mood.
The classics of French cuisine such as oysters & beef tartare, boeuf bouguignon & bouillabaisse are joined by seasonal components such as morels, asparagus or lamb.
Experience our idea of a new French cuisine in the most unforced way.

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